Cyanide Kiss Post-Apocalyptic Series

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Inspired by the best post-apocalyptic movies

Cyanide Kiss an intense and captivating post-apocalyptic web series. Now facing a large scale post war depression, society has destroyed itself through global atomic warfare. Cyanide Kiss, our female badass heroine, is one of a handful of post-apocalyptic survivors. With only her iron will to survive, cunning wits and impressive sword skills, she must make new allies, fight off zombie-type creatures, and defend herself from other post-apocalyptic survivors, all while overcoming the harsh environment and other dangerous situations.

The Cyanide Kiss post-apocalyptic series was inspired by the best post-apocalyptic movies including Mad Max, Tank Girl, Evil Dead, and television shows like The Walking Dead.

Follow our struggling badass female survivor, Cyanide Kiss, on her epic adventures to see what extreme lengths she is forced to go to in order to survive.

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About Cyanide (move over Tank Girl)

Cyanide Kiss (also known as Kissandra) is a total badass who cloaks insecurities and fears behind her sassy persona and flashy katana blade. If you mean her or her loved ones any harm, you'd best be more skilled in melee combat than she is, or she'll give you the kiss of death and you'll quickly lose your head!

A female Mad Max armed with a deadly sword, Cyanide Kiss is the new Tank Girl and more. Protective of her family and with a strong will to live, Cyanide Kiss does what it takes to survive.


Episode number one and two are now uploaded to our Youtube channel, we'll be putting episode three on next Sundays.
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Episode One

Dress to Kill

A band of post-apocalyptic survivors have formed a territorial gang led by the evil warlord Otto Void. Void and his minions have destroyed Cyanide's family home and kidnapped Cyanide's sister, Kit.

Episode Two

Zombie Apocalypse

Cyanide Kiss is hot on the heels of Otto Void as she attempts to track down her sister's whereabouts and rescue her. Cyanide is attacked by gas mutants, a post apocalyptic zombie type creature, and discovers a new companion on her journey.

Episode Three

Deliver us from Evil

Cyanide infiltrates Otto Void's stronghold and battles him and his evil post-apocalyptic minions. Will Cyanide be able to defeat Otto and rescue her sister in time?